Saturday, March 17, 2018



For all of us who finally just took the Christmas wreath off the front door, your spring starts here. Now. Time to ceremoniously toss the old and welcome the new. Goodbye winter, hello spring. And a simple spring table is all the welcome you need to bring the new season to your door. This table is a mix of sophistication, simplicity, pastel and playful whimsy. Inviting. Soothing. Comforting. Everything you need to greet spring.

The star of this table.

This is what you will need-

Nail Polish
Disposable Plastic Containers
Bamboo Skewer
Plastic Eggs
Paper Towels

These plastic dye-able eggs are a nice choice to use on a table without the worry of using a real egg...Link here. 

I used three colors of nail polish, OPI, "Worth A Pretty Penny"...Link here. OPI, "Mimosas For Mr. And Mrs."...Link here, and Essie, "Buy Me A Cameo"…Link here

Start with room temperature polish, if it is too cold, it will sink to the bottom of the container and not float on the surface.

 Add warm water to a plastic disposable container.

Drizzle a small amount of the rose gold polish over the surface of the water. It will spread and thin out quite quickly (which is good). I started with OPI "Worth A Pretty Penny".

Swirl the skewer around in the polish.

Dip your egg into the container, swirling or turning to coat the egg. The more your swirl the polish with the skewer, the more marbleized the outcome. As you can see, this brand gives a slightly thicker coat of swirled polish.

Take the egg out of the water.

Sprinkle lightly and randomly with rose gold glitter. If you can not find the rose gold at your local craft store, you can purchase similar...Link here.  

Set aside to dry.

This egg is marbleized with Essie "Buy Me A Cameo". It is lighter and thinner when it coats the egg.

About one half of the egg will be marbleized, so once the eggs are dry you will have to repeat this process for the other side so the entire egg is completely covered with the finish.

You can add two colors at the same time, one light pink and the other rose gold for more of a slightly two-toned look. These two colors are "Worth A Pretty Penny" and "Mimosas For Mr. And Mrs.". I added the glitter to the mix before I dipped the egg.

You can use nail polish remover to clean up your fingers when you are done.

Once all the eggs are marbleized let dry overnight.

Start with a favorite of mine, a linen runner. To purchase …Link here.  

Nothing announces spring better than tulips. My favorite, white, by the dozens.

I used a part of my collection of white pitchers to showcase the tulips. You can use any container, one with a large opening so the tulips can cascade over the lip is nice.

Fill pitchers with tulips. Use one, two or as many pitchers to fit your table.

Stack your favorite plates in layers. I like my white plates, perfect for most occasions or for every day...Link here

Add shell pink (or white) linen napkins, mine are not new but get the same color and look…Link here. These Pottery Barn linen napkins are so beautiful.

Pull a sheepskin pompom napkin holder around your napkin for a bunny tail look…Link here.

Place silverware.

I found these egg shaped plates several years ago at Pottery Barn. Although not available now, you can substitute any collected or new fun little plate here as an accent.

Scatter your marbleized eggs here and there down the runner.

Beautiful spring!