Saturday, August 5, 2017



Garden stepping stones are a bridge of time. Magically they can take you from the here and now to the past in a blink of an eye. Make these prints of your wee little one’s feet  (or little bit bigger feet) to capture this moment now and enjoy them well into the future. These fun little stepping stones are fun and simple to make, perfect summer activity. Footprints forever yours.

Sweet memories.

This is what you will need for footprint stepping stones-
Stepping Stone Mix ...Link here
Small Shovel
Measuring Cup
12” Round Plant Dish/Tray
Vegetable Spray
Paper Towels
Plastic Sheet/Drop Cloth
Bamboo Skewer

You should use garden gloves, mask, and safety glasses. The mix can be quite dusty.

Prep by covering your surface with plastic or cloth drop cloths. This project is best done outdoors on a level surface. Everything will clean up nicely with water.

Lightly spray the inside of your plastic container with vegetable spray. Wipe excess off with a paper towel.

Pour all of the stepping stone mix into a bucket. It is super fine.

Measure 1 cup of water. 

Pour all the water into the mix and start mixing with your small shovel.

Stir the mix and water until all is wet. There should not be any “dry” powder. The mix should look like brownie mix. It should not be runny.

Pour or spoon into the container.

Smooth and level top of the surface.

You will need to let the mix set for about ten to twenty minutes (depending on the weather and temperature). Test by pressing your fingertip into the mix. If the print stays firm, then the mix is ready.

Two little feet...

Place one foot at a time into the container.

Deep areas like the heel or toes should not pool with water. If that happens, remove foot prints and smooth over and wait a few more minutes.

With the skewer, write name and date, if you like. 

Now let the step sit undisturbed for 2-3 days. Carefully lift the stone out of the plastic container, it should slip right off. Clean plastic container, it can be reused multiple times.

Heart Stepping Stone Path

There is a perfect little spot just waiting for a cute toe path somewhere in your garden.

You will need-
 9" x 9" Heart Shape Cake Pan
Quick Set Concrete
Measuring Cup
Small Shovel
Paper towels
Vegetable Spray
Plastic/Cloth Drop Cloths

This mix is very dusty, please use a mask, garden gloves and safety glasses.

This is the quick set concrete I used. I purchased it from Home Depot, but can be found in most home improvement or hardware stores. The 50 pound bag was less that three dollars.

Lay a drop cloth/plastic sheet on a level surface.

Spray the inside of the heart cake pan with vegetable spray. Wipe off any excess oil with a paper towel.

Measure four scoops (each scoop is about one cup dry mix) and pour into the bucket. There will be some small stones in the dry concrete mix.

Measure 1 cup of water and pour into dry mix.

Mix until all the mix looks like chunky brownie batter.

Scoop or pour into cake pan.

Smooth surface with your shovel.

Let sit. It should be set and ready in about three to four hours.

Flip stone over and lift the cake pan off.

Clean pan, it can be reused (but not in the kitchen) over and over.

Arrange your stones in your garden to form a path.

Or create your own stepping stone path. 

Sweet memories in the making...

Saturday, July 22, 2017



The waves, the sand, the sun, the memories of your annual summer vacation. All wrapped up into one word…Beach. And not just any beach, your beach. Filled with family, friends and good times. Perhaps you found a few treasures to remember or to add to your collection, a new shell, sea glass or an interesting piece of driftwood. Why not keep your beach memories alive and savor the time a little while longer. Placed on your table to admire all summer long.

Follow along on this road trip and recreate your beach treasures on your table.

This is what you will need-
Centerpiece Box
LED String Lights
Sea Glass
Driftwood Garland
Battery Operated Candles/Votive
Shells, Starfish... Found Treasures

Centerpiece Box-

To start, make this simple box. It is versatile and can be used over and over in many different settings.

I made this box from an old wine crate. The wood was a little warped and thin, but that added to the charm. It is always decorated for the current season somewhere in my house. It is nice to have a few wood boxes.

Cut three 1” x 4” x 28", these are your sides and base pieces.
Cut two 1” x 4” x 5", these are your end pieces. I used a power saw to cut my wood, but the lovely people at Home Depot will gladly cut your pieces for your if you ask. Hopefully your local hardware will do the same.

Glue the three 1” x 4” x 28" sides and bottom pieces together. Then glue the two 1" x 4" x 5" end pieces in place.

Nail together, either with a nail gun or with finishing nails and a hammer. If you use the hammer, pre- drill pilot holes to make this step a little easier.

Fill in nail divots with wood putty. Let dry.


Finish your box with a coat of stain and one layer of flat latex wall paint.

To make a soft light grey stain, mix ½ cup of apple cider vinegar, ½ cup of water in a mason jar. Add one pad of steel wool. Do not put a lid on, and let sit for at least two days.

To stain box, paint stain on entire surface. One light coat. It will look very watery and very light. Do not keep painting additional layers of stain. It will dry to a perfect silvery grey. Let dry overnight.

Lightly paint the entire surface of your box.

Keeping the brush almost dry or with very little paint on the tip of the bristles, brush paint on box in several directions.

Let dry.

With medium grit sand paper, sand edges and surfaces to create an aged worn look.

Sea Glass Garland-
You will need sea glass vase filler, one LED light string and a low temp glue gun. You can buy sea glass vase filler ...Link here.

Place a small drop of glue in the center of one piece of glass.

Place the light in the glue. Hold in place for a moment until glue has hardened. Repeat with next sea glass/light until the all the lights are attached to a piece of sea glass.

This cheesecloth is a staple in my kitchen. It can purchased from most kitchen supply stores. It has a nice soft airy feel, perfect for filling empty spaces.

Lay a runner on your table. I chose this linen runner, it has a nice soft texture and the color reminds me of sand.

Place box in center of the table.

Fill box with cheesecloth.

Place candles.

My driftwood garland came from Pottery Barn several years ago. I believe this item is no longer in their line, but you can purchase a similar one ...Link here or ...Link here.

Run the driftwood garland around the candles and on the box.

Your new sea glass garland.

Twist the garland through the driftwood.

Hide the battery pack in the box.

Add your beach treasures...

Now sit back and enjoy your memories, let summer last a little bit longer.